10 Ways Digital Skills will help you Succeed in Life

Over the past decade, companies across industries have digitized their operations and processes. Even now, businesses are employing AI to streamline workflows and provide chains.
8 in 10 middle-skill jobs are now digitally intensive with roles growing 2.5 times compared to non-digital jobs.

The key thing about digital skills is that they will be utilized in any job role; it’s not solely within the domain of marketers or sellers. 

Graduates, job seekers and professionals should learn these key skills to enhance their odds of getting hired.

1. Social Selling

Businesses across industries also are starting to understand the importance of social selling by investing in new ‘sales stack’ technology There are new utilities in managing things in Customer Relationship Management.

To connect with and influence customers, sales professionals got to be where their prospects are: online. As social selling is proving its worth for sellers that use it – 90% of top salespeople use social selling tools successfully

Tools like email tracking, productivity apps, and sales intelligence software. Above all, social selling tools are seen as very effective in engaging with and influencing consumers, particularly amongst top performers.

In fact, consistent with LinkedIn, quite 70% of sales professionals use social selling tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and see them as having the very best impact on revenue.

Therefore it’s becoming more and more important for brand spanking new hires as well as seasoned professionals to possess experience using sales technologies via Digital Skills upgrading.

2. Social Media Marketing

A Social Media influencer can sell anything from Organic Fruits to Vitamin supplements.

Eg- in the picture

The ability to know and utilize Social Media effectively may be a core skill every professional should have.
Social Media Marketing goes beyond posting a tweet or Facebook update; it’s about understanding the dynamic relationship between brands, influencers and consumers.
To put it simply, businesses got to reach bent customers in ways in which will drive traffic to their website—or product—for potential conversion.

3. Video

Video as content is simpler to consume than a typical blog post. it’s also more entertaining and appeals to millennials.

60% of 13 to 34-year-old smartphone users within the US are Snapchatters.

With smartphone users becoming younger by the day, social media apps like Snapchat, Weibo, WeChat and Line are getting the de-facto tools of instant message communication. 

By combining the emotional power of social video with the reach and scope of digital advertising, markets can tap into a growing market of engaged consumers.

4. Analytics

Peter Drucker, The founding father of modern management, has this to say:
If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it.”
According to Forbes, only 22% of marketers claim that their data-driven marketing initiatives are achieving significant results.
Numbers define whether a campaign was successful, and by what percentage. The key to analytics is knowing what data to gather and measure so as to enhance subsequent campaign

5. Content Marketing

Content comes in many forms – blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics, even social media status updates.
A website or social media page is driven by its content and without it, customers haven’t any way of understanding the advantages of a product or service.
Content is crucial in driving brand awareness and may establish brands or influencers as thought leaders

6. Program Marketing or Search Engine Marketing

Most companies are within the business of selling products or services. it’s therefore imperative that their brand is definitely found online amongst their competition. Job seekers got to have a working knowledge of search marketing if they will understand the larger context of their job function.

Beyond social media, program marketing (SEM) is one among the foremost influential disciplines that marketers have come to believe .
More than 6.5 billion SEM results are administered every day with Google accounting for 77% of that traffic.
Individuals with SEM experience are going to be ready to increase the visibility of a company’s website on an enquiry engine (e.g., Google) primarily via paid advertising.

By doing so, the business will attract valuable web traffic from the program results page.
By using SEM, products or services are going to be ready to capture a part of the. that’s why marketers, Content Managers and webmasters spend an excellent deal of your time optimizing their websites and ad campaigns to make sure 6.5 billion search traffic search results have very best conversion rates possible.

7. Mobile

To comprehend the impact of this alteration , we’d like only to seem at Google.

The world’s largest program provider has created a mobile-friendly web app designed to check the usability and speed of mobile websites. Having a mobile-friendly webpage can enhance your search presence amongst consumers who don’t have access to desktops.
Jobseekers can use this data to their advantage by optimizing campaigns to form use of the newest developments in mobile search and user experience.

8. Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

One popular PPC advertising model is Google’s very own AdWords program.
PPC may be a popular way for brands to urge traffic quickly.

Companies with big budgets can easily get their search result to seem on Google’s first page, thereby guaranteeing massive program traffic.

For the digitally adept jobseeker, understanding what impressions, reach, cost-per-click, and click-through-rates mean will immediately set them aside from their peers during interviews.

9. Strategy & Planning

According to 58% of execs within the USA, 55% within the UK and 42% in Ireland Strategy and planning may be a leading skills gap in organizations.
Businesses seeking growth will define new roles and can have a transparent advantage over their peers with little or no knowledge. providing skills in the way to plan and execute a digital strategy
For example, setting specific KPIs and identifying methods for measuring each indicator can help a marketer remain accountable. it’s also imperative that they analyze past campaigns and choose which metric is worth measuring.

10. Email

Email is one among the oldest sorts of marketing and still packs a clock in customer acquisition and retention.

People may change social media accounts or home addresses, but people aren’t susceptible to changing their email addresses.

From start-ups to multi-national corporations, email helps launch many successful campaigns. 

Professionals that understand the facility of email to attach directly with consumers are in high demand.

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